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Harian Metro Newspaper Malaysia , Malaysia’s first Malay daily afternoon tabloid in Klang Valley and morning tabloid in other part of Malaysia was established on March 25, 1991.

The change in the demographics of urbanites resulted in a growing audience of young people who were looking for entertainment, shopping news, lifestyle features and current news. Harian Metro met those needs in exciting editorial presentations.

On July 17, 2006, not content to rest on its laurels, the newspaper underwent a layout revamp to remain fresh and relevant for its readers. New vibrant pullouts were introduced such as “Rap” and “Variasi”, and this complemented the main paper further.

On April 11, 2009, Harian Metro increased the cover price with introduction of its new exciting pullouts such as “GIGS” and “EKSTRA”.

Harian Metro’s meteoric rise has steadily gained momentum over the past few years. For 2011, Harian Metro maintained for the fifth year running as the No. 1 daily Bahasa Melayu newspaper as declared by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

The continuous changes have since been well received by its readers, consolidating further the tabloid’s position as the leading Bahasa Melayu newspaper.


  • On March 26, Harian Metro, the country’s first afternoon Bahasa newspaper was launched. The price was RM0.50.
  • Mior Kamarul Shahid was appointed the first News Editor.
  • On June 26, Harian Metro first revamped.


  • Ahmad Puah Onah was appointed Editor.
  • On March 25, the southern edition of Harian Metro was launched in Johor Bahru.


  • On April 1, Zian Johari was appointed Editor.
  • On May 16, Harian Metro Edisi Timur was launched.
  • On August 1, Harian Metro Edisi Utara was launched.


  • On August 29, Metro Ahad was launched.


  • On July 17, Harian Metro was revamped with a new tag line ‘Kini, Sini, Terkini’.
  • On July 23, Metro Ahad was revamped.


  • On March 26, Harian Metro celebrated its 10 th Anniversary


  • Metro Ahad achieved 1, 068, 000 readers for the fourth quarter of 2003.


  • On January 27, new official web page for Harian Metro & Metro Ahad (http://www.hmetro.com.my) was launched at Balai Berita, Kuala Lumpur.
  • On June 1, Berita Harian Sdn Bhd appointed Hafifi Hafidz as the new Executive Editor of Harian Metro and Metro Ahad, replacing Zian Johari, who was appointed Executive Editor of Berita Minggu.
  • On July 27, Harian Metro launched its weekly column called “Liku-liku Niaga”. The column publishes every Tuesday in Harian Metro’s Business section.
  • On August 23, a new pullout of Harian Metro called Bintang and Variasi Metro (V-Met) was launched.


  • On January 1, the cover price of Harian Metro was increased to RM1.20. In Sabah and Sarawak, Harian Metro was sold at RM2.00 each and the cover price of Metro Ahad was increased to RM1.50. In Sabah and Sarawak, the newspaper was sold at RM2.00.


  • On June 6, i-Metro, an interactive portal providing readers a chance to be the eyes and ears of their community was launched.
  • On July 15, Harian Metro launched its new look with more stylish, colourful and reader-friendly layout. New sections focusing on celebrities, lifestyle, health and fashion have been added. Among the changes made are introducing new mastheads for Harian Metro and Metro Ahad, replacing Metro Ahad’s Meta with Ekspresi and renaming Harian Metro’s Bintang to Rentak Artis Popular (RAP) and V-Met to Variasi.
  • On July 16, Metro Ahad was revamped.


  • On March 1, Abdul Ghafar Ismail was appointed Executive Editor Harian Metro/Metro Ahad.


  • On April 12, Metro Ahad launched a new pullout “GIGS – Gema Informasi Generasi Semasa”. The pullout is inserted in Metro Ahad every Sunday.
  • On April 13, the cover price of Harian Metro was increased to RM1.50. In Sabah and Sarawak, the newspaper was sold at RM2.30. RAP and Variasi pullout introduced new masthead.
  • On July 1, Abdul Ghafar Ismail was re-designated as Deputy Group Editor, Harian Metro.
  • On August 17, Datuk Mustapa Omar was appointed Group Editor, Harian Metro.
  • On October 9, Harian Metro launched a new pullout AYU.


  • On May 3, Harian Metro was made available in Sabah and Sarawak.
  • On May 23, Harian Metro’s Sarawak and Sabah edition was officially launched in Kuching. The 64-page Sarawak and Sabah edition is priced at RM1.50 each, providing readers with various interesting stories from sports, education, community to special features.