l’Osservatore Romano Vatican City Newspaper

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l’Osservatore Romano Vatican City Newspaper (English: The Roman Observer) is the “semi-official”newspaper of the Holy See. It covers all the Pope’s public activities, publishes editorials by important churchmen, and runs official documents after being released. The publication prints two Latin mottoes under the masthead of each edition: Unicuique suum (“To each his own”) and Non praevalebunt (“The gates of Hell shall not prevail”).The current editor-in-chief is Giovanni Maria Vian.

Today, the paper takes a more objective and subdued stance than at the time of its foundation, priding itself in “presenting the genuine face of the church and the ideals of freedom”, following the statement by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone in an October 2006 speech inaugurating a new exhibit dedicated to the founding and history of the newspaper.He further described the publication as “an instrument for spreading the teachings of the successor of Peter and for information about church events”.