Ulster Gazette Newspaper Northern Ireland

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Ulster Gazette Newspaper Northern Ireland has been published since 1844 in the City of Armagh. The Gazette circulates throughout the entire City and District of Armagh, Portadown and other parts of the Borough of Craigavon and the Districts of Dungannon and Newry City, with penetration into Co. Monaghan.

The circulation of the Ulster Gazette in this area is greater than that of any other weekly or daily newspaper. Most people read the Ulster Gazette do not read any other weekly newspaper.

The area is one of the main administrative centres in Northern Ireland including the Area Headquarters of both the Education and Health Boards and the new North/South Councils. It is a well-known location for tourism and is the Ecclesiastical Capital of All-Ireland.

In addition to administration and tourism, agriculture is one of the main providers of employment and the Armagh area is especially known as the ‘Garden of Ulster’, where there is a predominance of vegetable and fruit production.