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United Daily News Taiwan Newspaper (Chinese: 聯合報; pinyin: Liánhé Bào; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Liân-ha̍p-pò) is a newspaper published in the Taiwan in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. It is one of the three biggest newspapers in Taiwan, the other two being the China Times and the Liberty Times.

UDN was founded in 1951 by Wang Tiwu as a merger of three newspapers, Popular Daily (全民日報), National (民族報), and the Economic Times (經濟時報). The three newspapers formally merged in 1953. In terms of political orientation, the UDN is strongly Pan-Blue. Before Taiwan democratized, it was an opponent of political reform; in the years since Taiwan has democratized, it has advocated policies leading to an incorporation of Taiwan within China.

UDN was and to some extent still is a place to publish literature in the Lianhe Fukan literary supplement.

In terms of editorial style and standards, UDN is one of the most literary of Taiwan’s newspapers; the Chinese used is baihua vernacular but heavily incorporating usages from classical wenyan Chinese. Once praised for its high standards, UDN has faced stiff competition in recent years, resulting in lowered readership and less money available for proof-reading.

UDN has spawned a group of newspapers, including UDN evening edition and UDN international edition, including an American edition published with the Chinese-American audience in mind.

UDN has published The New York Times International Weekly on Mondays since 2004. This 8-page supplement features a selection of English language articles from The New York Times.